Bob is an  engineer with interests in motor-sports, automobiles, motorcycles, combustion engines, computer software, electronics, instruments, digital media, art, music, photography, web design and everything else that can drive the soul. Bobfab.com is an electronic outlet and display for such interests.

Input and Expected Output

The purpose of this site is to showcase my interests, passions, ongoing projects and accomplishments. As well as share friends, family, contact’s works of art, exceptional engineering, innovative design, spectacular style and all around awesomeness.

Measure of Site Success

If you found this in a web-search looking for some random piece of information and found it;

or logged on when you were bored for a quick chuckle;

or came to see about some band that came up in conversation last night;

I would consider the the site to be a success!

Authorized Use Permission

All content of this site is copyright bobfab or its originator unless otherwise stated.

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