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Sunset Bliss Boulevard

A beautiful day mandates a good ole’ sunset cliffs cruise! Good lookin surf too, if only the water would get warmer!

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Oriflamme Canyon Camping

03.27.11  - Oriflamme Canyon Camping Just uploaded a couple pics from this past weekends camping. Very lush and green section of the desert however the overnight lows are still a little too low for effortless camping. The wind was also … Continue reading

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Ocotillo Wells – Image Edits

    The credit for capturing these images goes to Dizzle with a little editing done by me. The bright desert sun is great for the overexposed B&W shots.

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Salton City Powerlines – Sample Shot

Dizzle just sent me what is hopefully the first of many awesome shots from the Salton City powerlines! Shot w/D200 and he can fillin the rest of the details….

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Picasa Test

This is a test image hotlinking from the picasa account. It appears to be working. I am using the picasa express x2 v1.5 by Wott This should be any easy way to link images that are already hosted on picasa!

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The maiden voyage

So here we are on the beginning of a new era, an era by the name of wordpress. This is the first go around with it and so far it goes well. Lets let the blogging and sharing begin!

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Judge This Potluck

The Angel & Devil cake pictured to the left is the result of the following invite: “Genesis 7:4 For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living … Continue reading

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