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Splitting the OB Pier

A nice B&W & Color duo from our friend Justin Bridle illustrating just how narrow the OB Pier is for those brave surfers.

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Bartering Tattoos on Craigslist – A Modern Phenomenon

So we have all been there, scouring craigslist for the best possible deal on that used piece of gear, car, job, apartment, sex partner or the like. One thing that remains true among nearly every posting is the “WILL NOT TRADE FOR … Continue reading

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Shepard Fairey’s San Diego 5th Avenue Exhibit: The Lifecycle of Street Art

As-is the natural life-cycle of street art, bobfab contributor Justin Bridle snapped these shots of Shepard Fairey’s Viva la Revolucion exhibit on 5th Ave getting covered forever by new construction. Changing urban environments are a testament to the temporary nature of street art and … Continue reading

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Summer Sunset Cliffs Cruise

Perfect weather and good looking surf also!

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05-21-11 – OB Beach Ball Pictures & Web Album

As promised here are some final cuts of the shots taken by Justin Bridle two weeks ago at the OB Beach Ball. There are some very crisp shots courtesy of the Nikon glass and the NIK Plug-in Suite. The Bands … Continue reading

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GoPro Testing / OB Boogie Boarding

After a successful meeting with the GoPro Marketing team on wednesday , it was time to put their product into action with a little water play. It is hard to believe the clarity that they are able to achieve with such a small, resiliant … Continue reading

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Monday Cliffs Cruise

With temps in the 60′s today, it was a great time to dust off the jackets and ride along Sunset cliffs.

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