Splitting the OB Pier

A nice B&W & Color duo from our friend Justin Bridle illustrating just how narrow the OB Pier is for those brave surfers.

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Internet Spam Comments

This is my formal gratitude to those who employ themselves or thier computers to sending me awesome comments that do not pertain to the content of my website. My life will never be complete again without hearing:

“You are so awseome for helping me solve this mystery.”


“Okay I’m covnniecd. Let’s put it to action.”


“Thank God! Someone with barnis speaks!”

Barnis, yeah gots lots of them; or

“YMMD with that aswner! TX”

YMMD!? What does that even mean?

Thanks for wasting bandwidth, and more importantly thanks for killing the trees necessary to make the power to generate that bandwidth. We will all be sure to checkout your meaningful wireless plan / file sharing site / pyramid scheme. Kudos!

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Bartering Tattoos on Craigslist – A Modern Phenomenon

So we have all been there, scouring craigslist for the best possible deal on that used piece of gear, car, job, apartment, sex partner or the like. One thing that remains true among nearly every posting is the “WILL NOT TRADE FOR ____” clause. The most frequent of which is tattoos or body art. Now how did it get to be like this? Who would really even trust a tattoo trade?  How many people have gotten bad tattoos out of trades? Considering the number of poorly done tattoos out there, I would speculate that some amateur tattoo artists have made out like bandits!

In my experience people selling items on craigslist are typically of two varieties; 1. selling out of desperation or 2. testing the waters or value of their goods. Neither of which seem like ideal candidates for a tattoo trade. Yet every post is barraged with emails of  ”I am a local tattoo artist and I would love to trade some work for the _______ you have for sale”. In a moment of weakness and desperation one considers the trade, but ultimately what do you really know about these people with their tattoo trade. Moreover if you were really serious about having tattoo work done after the sale, wouldn’t you just take the cash and goto your tattoo artist of choice?

It is a puzzling phenomenon but one that constantly appears on craigslist whether you solicit it or not.

PS: There is a comment button below, feel free to sound off and tell me what you think about the matter, if you post a legit comment and not some spam I would be happy to approve it and promote a discussion here.

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GS500 – Twenty Two Years Young

Suzuki GS500 Odometer reading 11k miles

Yesterday the beloved 1989 Suzuki GS500 Commuter bike rolled over 11k miles. This post is to commemorate the reliability of this ancient abused machine. Over 20 years ago she rolled off the showroom and still continues to run with minimal maintenance. Furthermore the vehicle gets better MPG than most cars at approximately 40MPG. Eight dollar fill-ups never felt so good!


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Shepard Fairey’s San Diego 5th Avenue Exhibit: The Lifecycle of Street Art

bobfab-bridle OBEY Street Art Wall 1
As-is the natural life-cycle of street art, bobfab contributor Justin Bridle snapped these shots of Shepard Fairey’s Viva la Revolucion exhibit on 5th Ave getting covered forever by new construction. Changing urban environments are a testament to the temporary nature of street art and all things available for a limited time only. This piece spans the entire length of the building in the Hillcrest section of San Diego and is one of many constructed by the 17 artists involved in the city wide exhibit. Prior to NIK software processing, Justin navigated the construction scene to take these stunning shots.  Visit the attached San Diego Contemporary Art Museum link below to visit some of the other pieces in the city before its too late!
bobfab-bridle OBEY Street Art Wall 2
bobfab-bridle OBEY Street Art Wall 3
bobfab-bridle OBEY Street Art Wall 4
bobfab-bridle OBEY Street Art Wall 4
Musuem of Contemporary Art San Diego Homepage

Metrowize Exhibit Article


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ActionSport ID – Website Wrapup

After a couple weeks of conceptual design, the ActionSportID website goes live this morning. A clean contemporary WordPress template utilizing child themes, analytics plugins, NextGenGalleries and the latest version of WordPress. Check it out and be sure to keep bobfab in mind for all your web development needs, no job or client to small or big!

ActionSport ID Media Agency

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4th of July Pacific Beach Bike Ride

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